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Our Mission is to be a Sports Organization 

          our main objective is to inculcate values, discipline, ethnics, teamwork and responsibility to our youth by exploiting their sporting abilities through a training process focused in obtaining the best of themselves, in order to provide them with the opportunity to aspire to a better education in the best institutions of our country thru sports scholarships.  Many kids make poor choices due to the lack of sports, activities, boredom, or lack of attention at home.  We want to motivate these kids and at the same time foment soccer as a healthy way in order to keep the young occupied and away from the streets, vices and habits.

Thank You for Visiting us


and for trusting us by participating in our league, our focus is to be respectful and kind to every person who participates with us.  Our objective is to keep our kids away from           GANGS, DRUGS, VIOLENCE, BULLING, DEPRESSION AND OBESITY

We are convinced that with everyone's help we can make this possible.


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