Thank You for Visiting us


and for trusting us by participating in our league, our focus is to be respectful and kind to every person who participates with us.  Our objective is to keep our kids away from GANGS, DRUGS, VIOLENCE, BULLING AND OBESITY. We are convinced that with everyone's help we can make this possible.

If you have a team and wish to visit us, you are welcome, or if you are looking for a team where your son/daughter can play we will look for one. We are looking for new coaches, if your are interested we will help you make your own team.

We Only play on Fridays from 5:50 to 8:50 at Ayala Park located at:

14255 Central Ave.

Chino CA, 9171






No, Insults to the referees, players, cheers and directives

No, Pets

No, alcohol beverages

No, Promotions on players uniforms such as beers or cigars.

No, Bad words

No, Bulling

No, Skateboards or scooters


If you do any of this, you will be suspended from CJSO grounds.







Club Juvenil Soccer Organization

is a proud SILVER MEMBER of