Club Juvenil Soccer Organization

Our mission is to keep our children away from Gangs, Drugs, Violence, Bullying, Depression and Obesity by using the sport of soccer as a vehicle for a positive change.

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School Soccer Game
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If you have a team and would like to participate by playing a friendly game, would gladly program you.  Just let us know between Monday and Wednesday.

If you are interested in getting a team started, we can help you by getting players. We just ask for respect and discipline from everyone.  Remember that we are working around kids.

The safety of every child is our priority, that's why we let every Coach, player, parent and spectator know that if you misbehave, you will be permanently suspended from the league. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Law enforcement will be notified if necessary.   
Our Goal is that every player that comes, can have fun with their parents and friends, and not to be frustrated or aggressive, because we want to keep them away from
Drugs, Gangs, Violence, Bullying and Obesity.

If you have a Child that was Born between  2009 and 2017 and wants to Play soccer, we can give them the opportunity to play in a safe environment.

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